We are a company dedicated to architectural outsourcing services, design and construction of multi-spaces. We rely on customer needs and its type of business.

We work from the idea of the concept, through the implementation process, design and construction, integrating all elements of environment, image, functionality and aesthetics.

Jeronimo Lopez, is a graduate architect from the Universidad Piloto of Colombia. He has taken several courses related to his profession, such as the use of Revit, Microstation and AutoCad programs. Additionally, he has taken actualization courses regarding Lationamerican Architecture and Public Space . He has extensive experience in the design and construction of corporate and commercial spaces.

He has completed numerous projects for the United States, thus endowing him, of an extensive knowledge of construction processes and design, used in that country. Among such projects, it’s notable his participation in the development of construction plans for major international stores such as COACH and LACOSTE, among others. Also, Jerónimo, has worked with major international architectural firms for the development of various projects.

It’s important to mention his participation in the renovation project for the Puente Aéreo, El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá, where he worked as a designer architect.

Jerónimo, is recognized for his skills in managing several programs, as well as for his organization and attention to detail. The development and final results of his work, are impeccable.

On the other hand, he has an excellent relationship with his customers; he’s bilingual and communicates effectively. He has also been recognized for his dedication and care in each of his projects, always offering the best results.

Jaime Eduardo Cortés, is a graduate architect from the Universidad Piloto de Colombia. He has completed postgraduate studies in Senior Management and has taken several courses related to his career. Some of these courses include: ACFA-Residence work, Legal aspects for architects and Guadua construction. He has extensive experience in design, coordination and construction of retail shops, banks, offices, hotels and airports.

He was chosen to participate in the great construction project of the King Shaka International Airport in Durban, South Africa, for the FIFA World Cup 2010. He was selected as the architect responsible for creating the Comercial and Service team. Additionally, Jaime has worked for several projects of various kinds and of international stature, hired by large architectural firms such as Switzer Group, TPG and Interior Architects, among others.

In the South American area, he worked on the design coordination for the Sudameris Building in Bogotá, Colombia while working for StudioSur company. Also, he formed the design team for the Capriles Building in Caracas, Venezuela while working for Arquitectura e Interiores company in Bogotá city.

Jaime has been noted for his high performance, dedication and attention to detail in his work; always striving to exceed customer expectations. He also has various inter-personal skills: he’s bilingual, has strong leadership and teamwork abilities and manages an effective communication with customers and work staff. He’s well-versed when it comes to various topics of current importance and he’s concerned about issues of social relevance.